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Becoming Citizens: U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes at the Virginia Historical Society

Wednesday, October 4, 6:30pm8:00pm
Adults $35 (refundable upon completion of the class)
Virginia Historical Society
Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center
Part of the Becoming Citizens Class category.
Part of the program.
In this 7-session course, Assistant Professor Anita Nadal of Virginia Commonwealth University will help prepare students to take each section of the United States Citizenship Test.

"Me gustó que la clase fue impartida por personas profesionales . . . y lo que más me gustó fue la gira, porque se puede ir relacionando todo lo aprendido en la clase."

"I liked that the class was given by professional people . . . and what I liked the most was the tour, because you can relate everything learned in the class." - Leticia Flores, Richmond, Virginia

In this 7-session course, Anita Nadal, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Spanish Instruction Community Liaison at Virginia Commonwealth University, will prepare you to successfully complete each section of the U.S. Citizenship Test. Like other citizenship courses, students will learn the civics lessons necessary to pass the citizenship examination. Unlike other citizenship classes, this course, held at the Virginia Historical Society, offers students opportunities to personally interact with original historical objects, maps, books, and documents and engage with experts in the history of this state and nation.

This course offers expert instruction as well a unique experience as you prepare yourself for the citizenship test.

Pre-registration is recommended, but students can register at the door on the evening of the first class on October 4. You can register online using the registration buttons on this page or contact Matt Weber at mweber@vahistorical.org or call 804.342.9658.

This course meets on seven consecutive Wednesday evenings from October 4 to November 15. Classes are from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.


Wednesday, October 4
What Becoming a Citizen Means

Wednesday, October 11
The Process of Applying for Citizenship

Wednesday, October 18
How to Prepare for the Test

Wednesday, October 25
Practice on Reading and Writing English

Wednesday, November 1
Civics Test Review

Wednesday, November 8
History Test Review

Wednesday, November 15
Geography Test Review and Conclusion

“La Sociedad Historica de Virginia VHS fue sin lugar a dudas el mejor lugar para reforzar mis conocimientos previos tanto en civismo como historia de Estados Unidos de America.  "Becoming Citizens" te da la pauta para entender porque amas este pais y te inspira a aprender mas y comprender mejor este gran Pais.”

“The Virginia Historical Society VHS was without a doubt the best place to reinforce my previous knowledge both in civics and history of the United States of America.  "Becoming Citizens" gives you the guidelines to understand why you love this country and inspire you to learn more and better understand this great country.” - Nora Herrera Sánchez, Powhatan, Virginia

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