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The American Battle Monuments Commission by Robert J. Dalessandro

Thursday, March 30, 5:30pm7:00pm
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Virginia Historical Society
Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center
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This one-session class will be taught by Robert J. Dalessandro. It will take place at 5:30 p.m. on March 30. Learn the story of the American Battle Monuments Commission and see how it is maintaining its relevance into its second century.

American Battle Monuments CommissionVibrant interpretive programs now tell the story of our Armed Forces and pay tribute to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Established by the Congress in 1923 as an agency of the executive branch of the federal government, the American Battle Monuments Commission is the guardian of America’s overseas commemorative cemeteries and memorial. The commemorative mission includes designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining permanent American cemeteries in foreign countries; establishing and maintaining U.S. military memorials, monuments, and markers where American armed forces have served overseas since April 6, 1917, and within the United States when directed by public law; and controlling the design and construction of permanent U.S. military monuments and markers by other U.S. citizens and organizations, both public and private, and encouraging their maintenance.

Robert J. Dalessandro, former director of the United States Army Center of Military History, is deputy secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission and chairman of the United States World War One Centennial Commission. He is the author of several books on the American soldier and World War I.

Class participants should enter the VHS using the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center.


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