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Bobby Chandler High School Student Award (Sponsored by the Kip Kephart Foundation)

The Bobby Chandler High School Student Award is sponsored by the Kip Kephart Foundation. The Virginia Historical Society will be awarding a $500 cash prize to a high school student who demonstrates distinction in historical research and scholarship. To be eligible for the award, a student's name must be submitted by a history or social studies teacher. A teacher may nominate more than one student.

The award will be given to a student who completes a paper or classroom project that is:

  • Creative
  • Uses original primary source materials, and
  • Demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of some facet of American history.

The winner will be selected by the staff of the Virginia Historical Society based on the criteria listed above. Decisions are final and within the discretion of the VHS.

All materials must be received by June 9, 2017. Decisions are final and within the discretion of the VHS.

How to nominate a student

If you have a student who has done an exceptional paper or project, please submit the nomination form along with any other information that will help us evaluate the project, such as videos, newspaper articles, photographs, or web addresses. Unfortunately, these materials cannot be returned. Group projects will not be considered.

Please send materials to:

William B. Obrochta
Manager of Educational Services
Virginia Historical Society
P.O. Box 7311
Richmond, Virginia 23221-0311

Bill Obrochta

William B. Obrochta, Manager of Educational Services

Do you have a question about the educational resources we offer at the Virginia Historical Society. You may contact me at 804.342.9651 or wobrochta@vahistorical.org. I look forward to speaking with you.

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